Build a Volunteer Recruiting Plan That REALLY Works


A 3-day bootcamp where you’ll build a strategy to finally solve your volunteer recruiting problem.


You NEED more volunteers…

But everything you try, nothing seems to work. You just can’t seem to get ahead!

Which ones are you facing right now?


Recruiting is harder now.

If you’re like most church leaders, your volunteer team isn’t what it used to be and recruiting new volunteers is even more challenging since COVID. People are less willing to make commitments with their time.


There’s not enough time.

You’re leading ministries and teams and working on multiple things ALl. THE. TIME. Everything is back AND you have added more to your plate with new digital strategies, leaving even less time to recruit.


There are not enough people.

Everyone you know is already serving or has already said “no” to serving. It seems like there aren’t enough people left to recruit to serving roles. Where do you find new people to ask?

It’s 100% natural to feel overwhelmed and frustrated


Overwhelmed when there aren’t enough volunteers. You scramble every weekend!



Frustrated because you spend so much time trying to fix what never gets fixed!

Week after week, month after month, nothing ever changes. Sometimes you wonder…
“Will I ever have enough?”

Nick & Kenny here...

We know exactly how you feel.

We’ve been on staff in churches leading family ministries for over two decades. We’ve worked all week tirelessly long to fill every spot for Sunday and watch it all fall apart before the weekend. We’ve tried taking a much-needed rest on Saturday only to be constantly interrupted by the phone calls, texts, and emails of volunteers calling out. More importantly, we understand the toll this problem takes on every part of our lives. We do what we do because of a sense of purpose and calling, but this volunteer problem will certainly lead to burnout and despair! Not good!

Along the way, wise ministry mentors and experts showed us what we had missed. We learned some of the things that aren’t always intuitive. Most importantly, we learned that having a thriving volunteer team is POSSIBLE!

You can have enough volunteers!

You can take a day or two off and not worry about the coming weekend!

You can go into the weekend with hope and excitement!

It’s time you learned how to solve your greatest volunteer recurring problem!

During our bootcamp, we will help you build a volunteer recruiting plan that REALLY works!



If you're going to build a healthy and thriving volunteer team, then you gotta have a recruiting strategy that actually works.

It doesn't matter how PERFECT everything else might be.

If you don’t have a full team of faithful and willing volunteers - it’s impossible to have a healthy, growing ministry.

Every church leader knows there are more things to do than time to actually do them all. Unfortunately, volunteer recruiting usually falls to the bottom of the list. Most ministry leaders spend little to no time recruiting long-term volunteers.

This is why you need a plan to recruit volunteers - a plan that REALLY works. You need a sustainable plan that feels life-giving and allows you to personally tap into a broader audience. You need a proven plan to help you grow your volunteer team weekly.

With a solid plan in hand, you’ll finally fix your greatest ministry problem and build a sustainable ministry!

A 3-day bootcamp to help church leaders create a volunteer recruiting plan that actually works.

Get clear on who you are recruiting and what you're recruiting them to, and the best places to find potential volunteers.

By the end of the bootcamp, you'll have your recruiting plan locked in and ready to go, so you can start recruiting immediately while overcoming multiple barriers that usually get in the way.


Here’s What You’re Getting Inside The Bootcamp:

3 Days of Live Training to Take You From Totally Overwhelmed to Totally Optimistic! - You Can Do This!

Each day, we'll go live inside our Members-Only area to help you create your custom volunteer recruiting plan. We have taken everything we have learned over the last two decades and distilled it down to the essential steps you can take RIGHT NOW. Let us help you FINALLY solve your volunteer problem.

Session 1: Create An Irresistible Opportunity

One of the biggest mistakes church leaders make is setting themselves up for failure before the recruiting even starts. You want to create an irresistible opportunity to invite potential volunteers to, so you know they’ll stick.

In Session 1, we’ll reveal the key things that must be in place BEFORE you start recruiting.

Session 2: Expanding Your Lead List

There are far more people who could serve than you think. With the average person attending less than 2x a month, that actually means there are more than 2x as many people who call your church home than what you see each week.

In Session 2, we'll show you how to find those people and build a Lead List that will generate actual volunteers. The Lead List will become your secret weapon for building your volunteer dream team!

Session 3: Building Your Volunteer Recruiting Roadmap

Now it's time for action!

In our final session, we're going to talk about a volunteer recruiting framework that will drive your recruiting efforts. We'll help you create your step-by-step roadmap and implement it RIGHT NOW! Whether you're looking to recruit 10 volunteers or 100, you'll leave this training with a game plan to make it happen!

Training 4: Promoting to Your Dream Clients

Once you’ve got pricing down, it’s time to start promoting. But where do you find freelance clients (aside from overly competitive freelance websites?)

I’m sharing the ins and outs of every single promoting strategy I tried when scaling my business and which ones work... and which don’t!

Training 5: Your Roadmap for the next 90-days

Now it’s time for action, friend! In our final training, we’re going to be creating your step-by-step roadmap based on YOUR unique goals.

Whether it’s landing your first client or hitting your first 5-figure month, you’ll leave this training with a game plan to make it happen.

You'll get access to the Training Facebook Group for Support and Accountability

Consider this your hub for the bootcamp. This is where you can post your homework, connect with other leaders, and get feedback from us as you create your volunteer recruiting roadmap.

The Bootcamp Comes With 5 Bonuses Worth Over $1000, Including...

The Volunteer Recruiting Blueprint

You’ll get the Volunteer Recruiting Blueprint that you’ll customize during the 3-day bootcamp. This is your customized plan to recruit volunteers, and you’ll be able to implement it right after the bootcamp ends.

4 Volunteer Recruiting Myths

There are four common beliefs about volunteer recruitment that are DEAD WRONG! Believing these myths will kill your recruiting efforts. In this bonus training, we’ll unpack all four misguided beliefs and how to replace them with proven mindsets that lead to volunteer growth!

3 Beliefs of a Successful Volunteer Recruiter

Over the years, we’ve talked to thousands of ministry leaders about recruiting and leading volunteer teams. For those who led thriving volunteer teams, we found three beliefs and convictions they all held in common. These three beliefs lay a foundational framework for building a volunteer dream team!

5 Volunteer Onboarding Hacks

Check out this depressing statistic. Only about 35% of the people who say “yes” to being a volunteer actually end up volunteering! Yeah, that’s not fun at all! However, we’ve learned a few tips and tricks that help way more people who say “yes” to volunteering actually become active volunteers. 5 Volunteer Onboarding Hacks will help you close that critical gap.

Leading Volunteers Q&A

Join a live Q&A call where we’ll answer questions about leading volunteers in ministry. We’ll talk about recruiting, onboarding, training, empowering, and retaining volunteers.

Join the step-by-step training to recruit volunteers and grow your team for just $27

When you sign up for the Build Your Volunteer Recruiting Bootcamp, you'll get...

• Session 1: Create An Irresistible Opportunity
• Session 2: Expanding Your Lead List
• Session 3: Building Your Volunteer Recruiting Roadmap
• The Volunteer Recruiting Blueprint
• 4 Volunteer Recruiting Myths
• 3 Beliefs of a Successful Volunteer Recruiter
• 5 Volunteer Onboarding Hacks
• Leading Volunteers Q&A

Snag over $1,000 in value...
...for just $27


Bootcamp Schedule

Every session will happen live and will go for about 1 hour. The replay will be available in the hub about an hour or two after it happens. All of the times below are Eastern Time (EDT). Once you register, you'll get a link to a Google Calendar/iCal with everything in it to make it easy for you. 

Mon, May 22 - 12PM - Session 1: Create An Irresistible Opportunity
Tue, May 23 - 12PM - Session 2: Expanding Your Lead List
Wed, May 24 - 12PM - Session 3: Building Your Volunteer Recruiting Roadmap
Tue, Jan 30 - 12PM - BONUS - 4 Volunteer Recruiting Myths
Wed, Jan 31 - 12PM - BONUS - 3 Beliefs of a Successful Volunteer Recruiter
Thu, Jun 1 - 12PM - BONUS - Leading Volunteers Q&A

The 20X Guarantee

We 100% guarantee that you will love this bootcamp.

If after the end of bootcamp you feel like you haven't gotten at least 20X the value of your investment, we will happily refund your investment in full. All you have to do is email us by 11:59pm EST on May 25 for a full refund.

Sound fair?



Here’s What Past Students Said:

"I feel less overwhelmed knowing the process."

I have a plan & process - that is huge. I won't be losing people in the mix and I feel less overwhelmed knowing the process. I'm excited.

Michelle Lussier

"It is a plug-and-play system"

It is a plug-and-play system that you can use day one and continue to use throughout the year. It will encourage you to take the next step to better your recruiting and onboarding process.

Lesa Culpepper

“But, above all, it works!!!!”

You will love it! This challenge is practical and doable. But, above all, it works!!!!

Crystal Mazzuca

Got Q's? We’ve got answers!

  Who is this for?

The Bootcamp is for church leaders who lead volunteers and need to recruit and grow their teams. If you need more volunteers, it’s for you!

   Where is this bootcamp happening?

It's all happening online in the Ministry Boost platform. You'll get access before the live training begins.

  Will this help me get more volunteers?

Absolutely! We’re sharing the same strategies we use to recruit volunteers and we’ve helped hundreds of church leaders do the same.

  What if I can’t make it live?

Don’t worry about it! Your registration comes with lifetime access to the bootcamp, so you can watch later (and as often as you want). However, we will be answering questions live, so we HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time!

If you don’t prioritize recruiting now, when will you?

If you've made it this far, it's time to decide


Here’s the truth: nothing changes if you don’t take action.

If you're sick and tired of not having enough volunteers... 

If you've ever thought, "Our ministry should be further ahead by now."... 

If you're fed up with the frustration of scrambling each week without enough help…

Then it’s time to do something about it. You and your ministry deserve better! 

So... are you in?





Choose the individual option for yourself or for up to 3 staff (each of you should register on your own). Or, choose the Team option if you have 4 or more staff that want to go through the Bootcamp together. 



For up to 3 (each team member should register on their own for $27/each)

  • Session 1: Create An Irresistible Opportunity
  • Session 2: Expanding Your Lead List
  • Session 3: Building Your Volunteer Recruiting Roadmap
  • The Volunteer Recruiting Blueprint
  • 4 Volunteer Recruiting Myths
  • 3 Beliefs of a Successful Volunteer Recruiter
  • 5 Volunteer Onboarding Hacks
  • Leading Volunteers Q&A
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For 4 or more on the same staff

  • Session 1: Create An Irresistible Opportunity
  • Session 2: Expanding Your Lead List
  • Session 3: Building Your Volunteer Recruiting Roadmap
  • The Volunteer Recruiting Blueprint
  • 4 Volunteer Recruiting Myths
  • 3 Beliefs of a Successful Volunteer Recruiter
  • 5 Volunteer Onboarding Hacks
  • Leading Volunteers Q&A



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